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a picture of a wildfire.

Focus Area: Wildfire Risk and Fuels Management

The Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center supported the development of a wildfire risk assessment methodology that uses thousands of wildfire behavior simulations to predict the likelihood and intensity of fire on a given landscape. The assessments quantify the potential impact on high value resources, such as:
  • carbon storage
  • habitat for rare and endangered species
  • old-growth forests
  • recreation sites
  • urban interfaces
  • water sources
  • wood products

Conducted at several scales, assessments can be used to prioritize fuel management and wildfire preparedness for communities.

Tools and Resources


Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center scientists developed ArcFuels, a quantitative wildfire risk assessment tool built to streamline fuel management planning. The application uses a toolbar in ArcMap that interfaces with stand- to landscape-level forest growth simulations (i.e., FVS) and a fire behavior model (i.e., FlamMap) to aid fuel treatment planning, wildfire behavior modeling, and wildfire risk assessments.

Threat and Resource Mapper

The Threat and Resource Mapper suite of applications provides vetted maps of high-value resources that can be overlain with environment threats, such as wildfire risk.