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Fire Landscape Treatment Designer - LTD

Thumbnail image of the LTD GTR coverPrioritizing management strategies on large landscapes with multiple objectives is difficult. The Landscape Treatment Designer (LTD) is a program used to help design and explore spatially explicit landscape treatment scenarios. The LTD can be used to prioritize treatment location on small landscapes (project level implementation) to large landscapes (national forest to multi-regional planning efforts). The LTD allows planners to quickly test different strategies in terms of management priorities, tolerance of fire risk or loss, implementation time frames, and budget constraints. The analyses can reveal trade-offs associated with different management strategies and the resulting change in ecosystem services. Although the LTDwas originally designed for fuel treatment planning, to fill the gap between fire modeling programs and planning systems in the fuel treatment planning process, it can be applied to fiber production, habitat restoration, and for other resource management problems. The LTD can be used to develop aggregated (coordination of treatment to build large patches or low-hazard fire containers for restoration) or dispersed treatment plans. The program can build a single treatment plan or be run iteratively creating a treatment priority map. In addition sensitivity runs can be completed to stepwise increase thresholds and/or constraints to better understand the impact on treatment plans.


Ager, A.A.; Vaillant, N.M.; Owens, D.E.; Brittain, S.; Hamann, J. 2012. Overview and example application of the Landscape Treatment Designer. General Technical Report PNW-GTR-859. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 11 p. (PDF, 3.9MB)

Contact Information

Alan Ager, Operations Research Analyst, RMRS

Nicole Vaillant, Fire Ecologist, WWETAC

Stuart Brittian, Programmer, Alturus Solutions

Jeff Hamann, Programmer, Forest Informatics, Inc.

If you are interested in the Landscape Treatment Designer and the most recent case studies please contact Alan Ager (

3160 NE Third St, Prineville, OR 97754 P: 541-416-6618 F: 541-416-6693