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Forest Plan Database (FP_DECK)


Forest Plan Rev FP_DECK is a web-based planning tool that electronically archives Forest Service Land and Resource Management plans in a searchable database. Plan directions from forest plans across the US are compiled in a common location accessible through any web browser. Also included in the database are plans that may supercede forest direction such as the NW Forest Plan and Greater Sage Grouse Records of Decision. We are currently working on a system to tag directions with keywords describing activities affected by the direction, resources protected by the direction, and geographical location for those directions. This allows anyone to conduct a search on an individual forest or across multiple forests based on a topic of interest (ie, Forest Service activities, protected resources and/or mappable locations including more specific geographical features or more general locations).

The Forest Plan Database Exchange of Current Knowledge (FP_DECK) can benefit regional analysts, forest plan or accelerated restoration teams, resource specialists, and collaborators. It provides land managers an opportunity to view and search forest plans during new plan development and existing plan modification. Planners and managers can examine similar forest-based activities, explore specific forest characteristics and issues, and develop consistent templates that incorporate state, regional, and national knowledge and expertise. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) coordinators can also efficiently evaluate the consistency of proposed actions and guide land managers through in-depth plan building.

FP_DECK is a collaborative effort among the Forest Service Western and Eastern Threat Centers, National Forest System and state, regional and national partners. Click the link below to get started on using FP_DECK.  


Contact Information

Lisa Balduman WWETAC