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ArcFuels9 Download and Install Instructions

Cover of the ArcFuels9 General Techincal ReportThe user guide and tutorial are documented in: Vaillant, N.M., Ager, A.A., Anderson, J., Miller, L. 2013. ArcFuels User Guide and Tutorial: for use with ArcGIS 9. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-877. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 256 p. (PDF, 15.6MB)

  1. Create directory C:\arcfuels, then download and save the following to the "arcfuels" folder:
Description File Type File Size Last Update
ArcFuels for Arc9.x *.zip 1 MB 3/23/12
Demonstration data *.zip 30.7 MB 7/17/12
Supporting documentation (optional) *.zip 53.7 MB 7/17/12
Exercise outputs (optional) *.zip 66.4 MB 7/17/12
GIS tips & tricks (optional) *.pdf 5.9 MB 2/8/12
  1. Unzip the *.zip folders and add an additional folder called "outputs" to the C:\arcfuels folder.
  2. Download and install the Forest Vegetation Simulator with the Blue Mountain variant and FlamMap. NEXUS is also used in the tutorial but is an optional download.
  3. Open the ArcFuels User Guide and Tutorial to get started.


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