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Threat and Resource Mapping Applications

The Threat and Resource Mapping family of tools can be used to explore the latest environmental threats in a geospatial (map-based) platform. Applications focus on such topics as phenology, seed zones, and climate change.

ForWarn II

ForWarn II provides near real-time tracking of vegetation changes across landscapes in the United States. It is useful for both monitoring disturbances and year-to-year variability, derived products can also be used to develop insights into seasonal and inter-annual dynamics. ForWarn II was developed and is maintained by the Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center's sister center, the Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center.

Northwest Threat Maps

Wildland threats rarely occur in isolation. A novel neighborhood analysis technique has created an interactive map covering Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. The map shows locations particularly vulnerable to a specific threat or a combination of threats.


Satellite imagery updated weekly shows the "greenness" of vegetation across the United States, providing a near real-time assessment of land surface phenology. Precipitation estimates from the National Weather Service are also displayed.

Seed Zone Mapping

Selecting seeds well-adapted to a specific site is essential in restoration project. Using climate data and common garden studies, Seed Zone Mapper identifies seed sources well-adapted to specific sites.


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