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TRM - PhenoMap

TRM - CONUS PhenoMap

The annual pattern of vegetation emergence/bud burst, growth, and senescence (phenology) is important for a wide variety of natural resource activities, including livestock grazing, seed collection, fuels assessments, and wildlife management. WWETAC has developed PhenoMap, a suite of weekly phenology layers derived from eMODIS NDVI data. The NDVI (Normalized Differential Vegetation Index) essentially measures land surface "greeness" and is directly related the overall phenological condition within a remotely sensed pixel. Pixel size is approximately 250m x 250m (15 acres).  For more information on PhenoMap click here.

We are currently conducting validation studies of PhenoMap, including an analysis of vegetation data collected weekly at 17 plots on the Nebraska National Forest and PhenoCam data at over 50 sites across the coterminous US.