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WWETAC Focus Area: Wildfire

Russ Parsons. Sycan Marsh (OR) Research Burns. Controlled Burning at Sycan Marsh: A Win for Training and Collaboration. Contact

A unique collaboration of scientists from WWETAC, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), The University of Montana, USDA Forest Service Fire Research Center, and the Environmental Protections Agency designed experimental prescribed burns for TNC lands at Sycan Marsh in south central OR. After years of planning, the burns were finally ignited in October of 2017. An array of sensors, from airborne multispectral insturments to balloon and drone smoke particulate collectors, gathered an invaluable dataset that will be used to develop and evaluate smoke and fireeffects models. Scientists also developed a rapid, quantitative, responsive method to assess fuels treatment effectiveness that can be used on the ground as well as assessed from imagery taken aerially (high resolution red, near-infrared, and thermal).