A Quick Summary for Partners

  • The official responsibility of federal employees is to represent the government. The perception of impropriety must be avoided.
  • A written partnership work agreement that clearly outlines mutual expectations and responsibilities of each partner can help clarify concerns regarding conduct and ethics.
  • Creating an official liaison position is an appropriate way to involve a Forest Service employee in a non-federal organization. Official involvement as a liaison requires prior approval of the line officer in
  • The Forest Service cannot endorse or sponsor commercial enterprises, products or services.
  • Forest Service employees working in an official capacity can participate in fundraising meetings or events under limited conditions to give an official speech dealing with Forest Service interests relevant to the event. They cannot endorse or promote fundraising campaigns.
  • Capital improvement campaigns require that federal agencies agree upon the improvements needed through a capital investment plan, completed environmental analysis, and decision document.
  • Forest Service employees can be involved in a personal capacity with non-federal organizations. Service and there must be no other conflict or appearance¬†