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Temporary Jobs

We are hiring! 

Temporary jobs are a great way to gain experience with the Forest Service, work outdoors and explore different careers.

Apply September - October on

We are the Forest Service

We are the Forest Service

You can make a lasting impact on the world around you and unlock opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. Find out more about our available job openings.

Application Update:

Applicants are now able to submit applications through USAJOBS.

Apply on USAJOBS

September - October

Duty locations are available across the country.

Applicants are reminded to review the application deadlines noted in the announcement. Employment start dates will vary.


Jobs Near You

Check out the information below to learn more about Forest Service temporary jobs near you, including application timeframes and points of contact.

Job Opportunities

Positions range from archeology technician to visitor information assistant. Seasonal jobs help the Forest Service achieve our mission by contributing to forest health, resource protection and fire prevention and suppression.

  • Forestry Technician (Fire) – Join the wildland fire organization as a seasonal firefighter assigned to wildfire suppression, prescribed burning, and fire prevention and preparedness.
  • Forestry Technician (Recreation) – Provide visitors to our national forests with safe access to a variety of recreational opportunities by maintaining, repairing and monitoring recreation sites, trails and campgrounds.
  • Forestry Technician (Timber) – Help manage and conserve our national forests by evaluating forest conditions and collecting data, planting and pruning trees, and assisting with timber sales. 
  • Biological Science Technician (Wildlife) – Help protect and conserve wildlife by assessing animal populations, restoring and monitoring habitat, and evaluating projects for their effect on native species.
  • Biological Science Technician (Plants) – Help protect and conserve trees, forbs, grasses and other plants by conducting surveys, inventorying threatened and endangered plant species, and collecting and planting seeds.
  • Hydrologic Technician – Work closely with engineers, fish biologists and soils scientists to assess and protect the health of lakes, streams and springs on our national forests.
  • And many more! Explore your opportunities today!

Planting trees


Sawtooth Hotshot Little Queens Fire, ID 08/24/2013

Tips for Applicants Webinars

Join a webinar to learn more about temporary jobs and details on how to apply. 

Webinar Schedule

Thursday, September 27 – Tips For Job Seekers

  • 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. EDT
  • Join the webinar
  • Call-in: 1-888-844-9904; Access Code: 2650892


Helpful Information to Join the Webinar

  • Test your computer
  • Connect your computer or mobile device to the Adobe Connect web meeting
    • Select “Enter Room”
    • Type your name into the “name” box
    • Keep “Enter as a Guest” selected
    • Dial in to the teleconference for audio or listen through your computer or mobile device
    • Adobe Connect Accessibility Features including keyboard shortcuts.


Help is Available

The How to Apply webpage has helpful information to help with the application process. 

Human Resources Management is here to help. Contact us with questions about your application by calling 1-877-372-7248, select Option 2, and follow the prompts. The Contact Center is open from 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (MST) Monday through Friday, and closed on all federal holidays.

If you are interested in receiving updates about this hiring event, send an email with your name and contact information to


The USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.

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