US Forest Service Woody Biomass Utilization

Woody Biomass Utilization

Success Stories

Five pictures: upper right is cover of Beyond Firewood and Fenceposts document; lower right includes two men standing in front of a dowel mill on the Flathead Indian Reservation; lower left is from the pellet mill in Eureka, Montana; upper left is one of the 2002 Olympic kiosks built from small diameter logs; and, the center picture is Gail Kimbell, then Northern Regional Forester now Forest Service Chief, standing inside the Darby Community Library.

The success of this strategy will be measured by the outcomes on forested lands and by the effectiveness of the working relationships we develop with our partners. In addition, accountability measures for this strategy are included in the Forest Service Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2007-2012. Similar accountability measures can be found in the National Fire Plan 10-Year Strategy Implementation Plan, the Healthy Forests Restoration Act, the Biomass Research and Development Act of 2000, the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and the President’s Advanced Energy Initiative.





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