US Forest Service Woody Biomass Utilization

Woody Biomass Utilization

Eldorado National Forest

Georgetown Ranger District, California

A field demonstration of a unique piece of equipment was conducted on September 10, 2003, on the Georgetown Ranger District, Eldorado National Forest. The demonstration was sponsored by the Eldorado National Forest and the John Deere Corporation. The John Deere 1490D slash bundler collects, compresses, and bundles thinning slash and logging residues for effective and economical transport to a co-generation plant for energy production. The machine was tested on eight different sites in four western states. Each project site involved pretreatment measurements, elemental production study, post treatment measurement of effects, and technology transfer through "field day" demonstrations.

Picture of a slash bundle that did not hold together.
The original demonstration site was not practical due to the brittleness and small piece size of the slash. Bundles had poor integrity and did not hold together. The location of the demonstration was changed to ensure adequate machine performance.
Picture of two men measuring dry slash where the bundling demonstration failed.
The wood moisture contents of the slash was about 10 percent.
Picture of the slash bundler operating at the alternate demonstration site bundling slash from a landing pile.
The alternate demonstration site included bundling slash from a landing pile.
Picture of three men measuring bundle size, weight, and moisture content at the landing pile location.
Bundle size, weight, and moisture content was measured.
Picture of slash bundler in operation with stacks of bundles nearby ready for transport.
One truck load of bundles was transported to Wheelabrator's wood-to-energy plant in Anderson, California, for grinding and burning tests.
Picture of demonstration attendees watching the slash bundler in operation.
The slash bundling demonstration was well-attended and generated interesting discussion about fuels reduction and wood utilization.


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