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Tools and Examples for FLMAs

Here you will find examples of documents useful for project development or larger scale planning. This site will grow over time as more examples are added. If you have a document you would like to offer, or if you see a gap, please contact us using the contact information in the left navigation bar.

Laws, Policy and Authorities for Supporting Transportation Ecology

Environmental authorities apply to highway project developmet as well as other ground-disturbing activities. However, the interpretation can be somewhat different among agencies.

  • MAP-21 environmental provisions
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Forest Service line officers and staff during highway development projects (Region 6 review)
  • Other laws

Examples of Planning and/or Project Documents

These are documents created during actual projects. They are not necessarily perfect in all cases but they can show some of the issues faced by units.

  • Arizona Wildlife Linkages Assessment (statewide habitat connectivity assessment)
  • Oregon Wildlife Movement Strategy (statewide habitat connectivity assessment). This effort is summarized in this presentation, and the maps are archived here.
  • Sample Wildlife Assessment for a highway development project (Lava Butte US 97)
  • Example EIS (I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East)
  • Example Cost/Benefit Analysis for wildlife crossing structures (Lava Butte US 97)
  • Programmatic Biological Assessment (FHWA Biological Assessment site)

Administrative or Legal Documents Useful for FLMA

  • FS Land Transfer Guidance
  • Example Letter of Consent (Nelsonville Bypass, Wayne NF)
  • Useful contract provisions

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