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Conferences and Training

Learning from Research

Transporation ecology is maturing as an applied science, and several conferences are available to learn from research.

Upcoming Conferences

International Conference on Ecology and Transportation (ICOET), 2017

Logo for the International Conference on Ecology and TransportationThe next ICOET will be in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2017. Specific dates and locations are not set yet. The 2017 ICOET will uniquely be hosted by two states, Utah and Wyoming, as well as several other agencies including the US Forest Service, Utah DOT, and Wyoming DOT. As with all past ICOETs, this one promises to be a fabulous mix of wonderful people, fascinating field trips with gorgeous scenery, state of the science talks on transportation ecology, and networking galore. Plan to attend!

The ICOET is the most comprehensive professional conference available for transportation ecology topics. Past ICOETs have had excellent field trips of interest to FLMA personnel. The 2011 ICOET had one field trip to the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass project. The 2013 ICOET in Scottsdale, AZ had several tours including to the Grand Canyon and the successes of SR-260 in the Payson, AZ area. The 2015 ICOET in Raleigh, NC went as far as the Outer Banks and showcased diverse projects of interest to many people.

At ICOET 2015, in response to critiques from previous years, a shortcourse was offered Sunday afternoon before the opening sessions of the conference. The intent was to provide attendees with basic transportation ecology concepts that would help prepare them to learn the most from the conference. The US Forest Service organized the session, following the Innovative Approaches to Wildlife and Highway Interactions course offered most years.

Proceedings of past ICOETs back to the first conference in 1996 are a superb source of excellent information on transportation ecology.

Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, 2016

January 10-14, 2016
Washington, D.C.

The TRB Annual Meeting is a huge conference with many committee meetings, including many that are highly pertinent to FLMA interests in transportation ecology. An especially important committee is the Committee on Transportation and Ecology, which focuses on ecological issues.


This section will be filled with current or continuing useful presentations. Let us know if there is a presentation that you would like to see here. You can suggest an item by using the contact information on the left side of the page.

Incorporating Bat Habitat Into Bridges

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Additional Information

Aquatic biodiversity in a bucket taken from a small stream on the Cherokee NFIn the United States, a recent study estimated there are more than one million collisions between vehicles and large animals annually.

This 25-minute safety training program will help you reduce your probability of having large animal-vehicle collisions, especially with deer.