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Southern Region Viewing Area


Tall bellflower Tall bellflower (Campanula americana). Photo by Eric Cain, Ozark-St. Francis National Forest.

Daisy fleabane Daisy fleabane (Erigeron annuus). Photo by Eric Cain, Ozark-St. Francis National Forest.

Woodland phlox Woodland phlox (Phlox divaricata). Photo by Ralph Odegard, Ozark-St. Francis National Forest.

Wedington Small Game Area

Forest: Ozark-St. Francis National Forest

District: Wedington Unit - Boston Mountain Ranger District

Description: The 450 acre Wedington Small Game Area is located on the northwest corner of the Wedington Unit of the Boston Mountain Ranger District, Ozark-St. Francis National Forest. This area is located approximately 16 miles west of Fayetteville and approximately 4 miles east of Siloam Springs. The 15,000 acre Wedington Unit is designated as an Urban Forest, and emphasizes recreation and outdoor activities. Creating a wildflower viewing area serves to highlight the recreation opportunities for several rapidly growing communities nearby.

Viewing Information: In early spring, visitors will encounter species like Woodland Phlox (Phlox divaricata), which blooms from April through June. Later in the spring visitors will find species like Daisy Fleabane (Erigeron annuus) which blooms from May to September, or Tall Bellflower (Campanula americana) which blooms from June to September. Finally, viewers can find Bush’s Poppy Mallow (Callirhoe bushii) blooming later in the season from June to August. Other common flowers within the Small Game Area boundaries include Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginiana), Toothwort (Dentaria laciniata), Trilliums (Trillium spp.), dog-tooth violets (Erythronium americanum), and elephant's foot (Elephantopus caroliniana). In late summer and early autumn look for woodland species of goldenrod (Solidago spp.).

Safety First: Visitors should be prepared for a few hazards common to the region and the Wedington Small Game Area. Applying bug spray to pant legs and shoes can help repel chiggers and ticks. In addition, poisonous snakes could be present in the area. Being aware and avoiding tall grass is typically adequate for avoiding poisonous snakes.

Directions: From the intersection of HWY 412 and Interstate 540 in Springdale, go west approximately 14.5miles on HWY 412. Turn left onto Kinchloe Rd. and travel West for Approximately 1.3 miles. Then turn right on Route #1754. The system of small game area fields starts after about 0.3 miles, and continues to the ends of all open roads that follow.

Ownership and Management: U.S. Forest Service, Ozark-St. Francis National Forest, Wedington Unit - Boston Mountain Ranger District.

Closest Town: Fayetteville, Arkansas