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Eastern Region Viewing Area


Area map. Twin Lakes Bog and Pine Forest.

Trailhead for Wolf Mountain Hiking Trail and Wildflower Viewing Area. View from the end of the boardwalk. Photo by Stephen M. White, USDA Forest Service.

Grass pink Grass pink. Photo by Stephen M. White, USDA Forest Service.

Labrador tea Labrador tea. Photo by Stephen M. White, USDA Forest Service.

Pink lady slipper Pink lady slipper. Photo by Stephen M. White, USDA Forest Service.

Twin Lakes Bog and Pine Forest

Region: Eastern Region

Forest: Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

District: Medford-Park Falls, Park Falls Unit

Description: Located adjacent to the Twin Lakes campground, this site has a 20 yard bog boardwalk leading to the edge of Twin Lake. The wetlands of this site feature an open bog/muskeg which is floristically more diverse than others in the vicinity. A bog lake and several ponds add to the considerable variety of this peatland habitat. The bog supports good populations of insectivorous plants including pitcher plants (Sarracenia purpurea), sundews (Drosera) and bladderworts (Utricularia). Grass-pink (Calopogon tuberosus) and pink lady-slipper (Cypripedium acaule) are some of the orchid species found here. The uplands are forested with young, mixed pine. Ground layer species includes a number of plant species associated with xeric (dry) plant communities, such as trailing arbutus (Epigaea repens) and asters.

Safety First: Take a topographic map and compass (USGS Pike Lake quad maps are available at Forest Service offices).Waterproof boots are recommended to explore the wetlands. Weather in the spring and summer can be unpredictable - dress appropriately. Come prepared to deal with insects.

Directions: From Park Falls, travel east on State Highway 182 to Forest Road 144. Turn right (south) and travel 5 miles to Forest Road 142. Turn left (east) for 2 miles to the campground entrance. From Twin Lakes campground go past the last campsite to an unmarked trail to your right. Follow this trail a short distance to the bog boardwalk, which will take you the lake. To access the pine forest, use the trail at the end of the campground loop (1177).

Ownership and Management: U.S. Forest Service, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

Closest Town: Park Falls, Wisconsin, is located 21 miles to the west.