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Foam flowers. Foam flower (Tiarella cordifolia) blooms in May in the Rochester garden. Photo by Melissa Green.

Wild ginger flowers. Wild ginger (Asarum canadense) flowers are visible lying on the ground, under the leaves. Photo by Melissa Green.

Ferns. Several species of fern grow in the shadiest part of the garden. Photo by Melissa Green.

Rochester Ranger District Gardens

Forest: Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forest

District: Rochester Ranger District

Description: Visitors to the Rochester Ranger District of the Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forest can view many species of wildflowers and pollinators in the two wildflower gardens there. One large garden features species of open, sunny sites, and is currently in transition from a mix of native and non-native (and non-invasive) plant species to just native species. The other garden, in a more protected location, features native species of northern hardwoods and woods edges. The site is in the flat bottom of a fertile valley with steep sides, in the heart of the Green Mountains.

Safety First: Since the gardens are at the ranger station, which is along a state highway, children and pets should be kept under close watch. Otherwise, the gardens area easily accessed, including by those in a wheelchair. Bees are plentiful at various times in both gardens, although no one has been bothered by them so far.

Directions: The Rochester Ranger District address is 99 Ranger Road, Rochester, Vermont. The office sits at the intersection of Ranger Road and Route 100, a little less than 2 miles north of Rochester Village, on the east side of the road. Rochester is in the heart of the Green Mountains.

Ownership and Management: U.S. Forest Service, Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forest, Rochester Ranger District. For more information, contact MaryBeth Deller, Forest Botanist, at 802-767-4261 x 524.

Closest Town: Rochester, Vermont