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round-leaved orchids. Round-leaved orchids.

showy ladyslippers. Showy ladyslippers.

Pennington Bog

Forest: Chippewa National Forest

District: Black Duck Ranger District

Description: Pennington Bog is a virtually undisturbed tract of coniferous forest, providing critical habitat for a diverse array of plant species. A wide assortment of beautiful and unique orchids grows beneath a dense canopy of white cedar, balsam fir, and black spruce. This incredible bog extends on to adjacent State Scientific Natural Area. The site crosses from federal to state land and the State limits the number of people entering the site. The best time to visit the site is early - to mid-summer to view the wildflowers. Permission is required from the Regional DNR office in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Safety First: This is an extensive bog/wetland system. Always hike with a friend when visiting the Pennington Bog and let people know when you are going in to the site. Map and compass, water bottles, bug spray are recommended. Follow existing "footprints" thru the bog. A permit is required from the Minnesota State DNR as they restrict the number of people per week traveling to this Scientific and Natural Area.

Directions: From Bemidji, Minnesota, 16 miles east on Co Hwy 12, then 1 mile north on Co Hwy 39.

Ownership and Management: USDA Forest Service, Chippewa National Forest. For more information contact the Chippewa National Forest Supervisor’s office at (218) 335-8600.

Closest Town: Bemidji, Minnesota.