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Eastern Region Viewing Area


hikers listening to a Forest Service guide on a hike of the Oberg Mountain Trail. Oberg hike. Photo by Melissa Grover.

marsh marigold. Marsh marigold. Photo by Jack Greenlee.

pale corydalis. Pale corydalis. Photo by Jack Greenlee.

Oberg Mountain Trail

Forest: Superior National Forest

District: Tofte Ranger District

Description: The Superior National Forest's Oberg Mountain Trail is a wonderful place to welcome the return of spring and new growth after a northern winter. The 2 mile trail offers great wildflower viewing in early June, and at the same time is an excellent place to observe songbirds as they migrate north. Oberg Mountain, on the north shore of Lake Superior, rises 925 feet above the lake and provides spectacular views.

Where the trail passes through wetter habitats, visitors may see abundant marsh marigolds and northern white violet. At this time of year, many sugar maple and paper birch are just leafing out, and spring wildflowers like spring beauty, nodding trillium, wood anemone, and hooked spur violet are a treat to see in the forest understory. As the trail passes over rock outcrops, visitors may see pale corydalis or early saxifrage in addition to great views. Clematis, lungwort, and fly honeysuckle bloom along the trail as well. Oberg Mountain Trail also offers outstanding opportunities to see and hear a wide diversity of songbirds, such as the black-throated blue warbler and scarlet tanager.

Directions: Oberg Mountain Trail is five miles east of Tofte, Minnesota, off Forest Road 336. Follow State Highway 61 five miles east of Tofte, and then turn north on Forest Road 336, also known as the Onion River Road. Drive a little over two miles to the parking lot on the left side of the road. The trailhead to Oberg Mountain is on the other side of the road.

Ownership and Management: USDA Forest Service, Superior National Forest. For more information contact the Tofte Ranger District at (218) 663-7280 (voice and TTY).

Closest Town: Tofte, Minnesota.