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Wabasso Lake location map. Wabasso Lake location map (PDF, 419 KB).

Wabasso Lake from the south shore. Wabasso Lake from the south shore. Photo by Linda Parker.

Smilacina trifolia. Smilacina trifolia. Photo by Stephen White.

Headwater Lakes

Forest: Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

District: Medford-Park Falls District

Description: Headwater Lakes features two unique soft-water lakes, Wabasso Lake and Cedar Lake. Wabasso Lake is a 49-acre deep, seepage lake with a diverse and unusual aquatic flora. The submerged aquatic plants are the principal features of interest, with several specialized sterile rosette species well represented. Lakes that support sterile rosette species are deep, land-locked, and have sandy bottoms. The clear, soft water allows for the growth of this unique assemblage of plants. They include water lobelia, pipewort, spiney-spored quillwort, and waterwort. Associated submerged and floating-leaved aquatics include fragrant water lily, goldenpert, large-leaved pondweed, American eelgrass, and water shield. Emergent aquatics along the shore include swamp loosestrife, pickerelweed, and water arum. A good population of the carniverous plant species, purple bladderwort also occurs here. The ericad bog is dominated by labrador tea, leatherleaf, and bog laurel along with scattered tamarack. The understory contains Sphagnum moss and typical bog plants such as pond sedge, swamp false Solomon’s seal, and round-leaved sundew.

Camping: This campground is perfect for primitive camping. Wabasso Lake has an excellent panfish population. Drinking water and toilets are located at the boat landing. Three dispersed campsites contain fire grills and picnic tables. Please pack out what you bring with you. Garbage service is not provided in this camping area. Only electric boat motors are permitted on Wabasso Lake. Gasoline powered boats are prohibited.

Safety First: This is an aquatic/wetland/terrestrial system. Bug spray is recommended. Foot attire appropriate for walking over rough and wet terrain is also recommended. The weather may be unpredictable; appropriate insect and moisture protection is recommended.

Directions: The site is located east of Fifield, Wisconsin. From Fifield, go east on Hwy. 70 to FR 509. Go north on FR 509 to FR 142. Go east on FR 142 to FR 514 (Wabasso Lake Rd). Take FR 514 to Wabasso Lake.

Ownership and Management: U.S. Forest Service, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Contact the Medford-Park Falls Ranger District at (715) 762-2461 for maps and travel conditions.

Closest Town: Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin.