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U.S. Forest Service

Pacific Southwest Region Viewing Area


Frederick's Meadow. Frederick's Meadow. Photo by Cecilia Reed.

lupine. Lupine. Photo by Cecilia Reed.

Frederick's Meadow

Forest: Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit

Description: The Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Both Forest Service land and Lake Tahoe straddle California-Nevada state line. The lake's elevation averages 6,225 feet, and surrounding peaks reach heights of up to 10,880 feet. Relaxation and recreation abound in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Please come and enjoy one of your national treasures.

Frederick's Meadow is located next to Fallen Leaf Lake, surrounded by Aspen stands and conifers at 6300 feet. The meadow is located next to a paved road and is easy to access. Side trips can be taken to Fallen Leaf Lake or to Lake Tahoe.

Viewing Information: The meadow is easy to access as it is next to a road. Lupine, Mallow, Corn Lily, and Yampah are just some of the flowers that one can see in bloom. Peak flowering time is in late June-July. Please be considerate and stay on designated trails and roads.

Safety First: Travel is on paved roads. Summer traffic is often very busy. Both the meadow and trail to the lake are on gentle terrain. This is a high elevation area, so beware of altitude sickness.

Directions: From South Lake Tahoe, take Hwy 89 north. Just past Camp Richardson, turn left onto Fallen Leaf Lake road (FS road 1212). Drive past the campground. There is a small trail head just past the campground. The trail wanders through the meadow and then reaches the lake. There are additional pull out spots along the road up to where there is a gated road on the left.

Ownership and Management: U.S. Forest Service, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit.

Closest Town: South Lake Tahoe, California.