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U.S. Forest Service

Pacific Northwest Region Viewing Area


Pink fawn lily Pink fawn lily. Photo by Deborah McConnell.

Skunk cabbage Skunk cabbage. Photo by Deborah McConnell.

western trillium Western trillium. Photo by Deborah McConnell.

Quinault Rain Forest Trail #855

Forest: Olympic National Forest

District: Pacific Ranger District, Quinault Office

Description: This gently sloping trail winds through majestic stands of old growth conifers, lush understory vegetation and an emerald carpet of mosses, ferns, and lichens. The trail is a short 1/2 mile loop nature trail with colored signs interpreting the Olympic’s temperate rain forest. It is an easy low-elevation hike (250 feet elevation). The trailhead includes a large parking lot that will accommodate large recreation vehicles, vehicles pulling trailers and buses. A barrier-free flush toilet, drinking water and a visitor information board are also available. Motorized vehicles, mountain bikes, and stock are prohibited. NOTE: This is a very popular nature trail and all pets should be on a leash.

Viewing Information: Excellent opportunity to view the Olympic’s temperate rain forest. The first 850 feet is barrier-free and accessible to individuals in wheelchairs. It is a great trail for day hiking, hiking with children, and viewing scenery and wildlife. The area supports a spectacular blend of wildflowers unique to the rainforest ecosystem including salmonberry, thimbleberry, skunk cabbage, Oregon oxalis, vanilla leaf, queen’s cup, foam flower, horsetail, trillium, false lily-of-the-valley, devil's club, elderberry, and star-flowered Solomon’s seal.

Directions: Travel US Highway 101 to its junction with the South Shore Road; 40 miles north of Aberdeen or 66 miles south of Forks. Turn east and drive 1.4 miles to Quinault Rain Forest Trail-head on right side of South Shore Road.

Ownership and Management: U.S. Forest Service, Olympic National Forest, Pacific Ranger District Quinault Office, 353 South Shore Road, Quinault, WA 98575; (360) 288-2525.

Closest Town: Quinault, Washington.