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Map of the United States showing states colored green where the species may be found. Range map of white fringeless orchid, Platanthera integrilabia.

white fringeless orchid, Platanthera integrilabia. White fringeless orchid, Platanthera integrilabia. Photo by Mark Pistrang, U.S. Forest Service.

White Fringeless Orchid (Platanthera integrilabia (Correll) Luer)

By Mark Pistrang

White fringeless orchid is a perennial herb that blooms from late July to early September. The inflorescence is showy, with large, ghost-white flowers with conspicuous long spurs, clustered in loose racemes. This plant is typically found in partially shaded, flat, boggy areas at the head of streams or seepage slopes. The species is often found in association with Sphagnum species and Osmunda cinnamonea, Woodwardia areolata, and Thelyptris novaboracensis, in acidic muck or sand.

White fringeless orchid is native to the southeastern and south central United States. It is rare throughout it’s range and is a candidate for federal listing. Threats to this species include alteration of the habitat primarily through alteration of hydrology.

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