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Plant of the Week

Enjoy Your Wildflowers

Thousands of wildflowers grow on our national forests and grasslands, in many shapes, sizes, and colors. A field of wildflowers or colorful plants upon a lush forest floor is a beautiful sight, but so is a single flower or scattered plants growing upon what at first glance may appear to be a dry and desolate landscape.

Celebrating Wildflowers periodically features a different wildflower plant found on our national forests and grasslands.

The Plant of the Week descriptions are organized alphabetically by genus and species.

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Gallery: Z

Mountain Deathcamas (Zigadenus elegans). Mountain Deathcamas (Zigadenus elegans)

"Wildrice (Zizania aquatica) growing along a lake channel in Ottawa Wildrice (Zizania aquatica) bed on lake edge.  Photo by: Sue Trull" Annual Wildrice (Zizania aquatica L.)

Wild Zinnia (Zinnia grandiflora). Wild Zinnia (Zinnia grandiflora)