Photographic Images, Credits, and Use

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Photographs and images on this website are publicly owned, produced by Forest Service employees or other government agencies and institutions; or, have been obtained from non-governmental organizations and private photographers with their permission to use them on this website.

Conditions For Use

Photographs included on this website that are publicly owned are available for free for non-commercial scientific and educational uses. Conditions of use vary as follows, and acknowledgement is required:

Non-copyrighted Forest Service Images

Use of these public domain images is unrestricted (i.e., free for any use). We ask that you credit the source of the images to the USDA Forest Service. If an individual photographer is listed, we ask you to also credit them by name. 

We ask that you credit both the photographer and their institution for photographs from other public agencies and institutions.

Copyrighted Images

In some cases, individual private photographers have donated photographs for use in this collection. These photos are labeled with an individual person's name and date; often, there is no institutional affiliation. Use or reproduction of these privately owned images for commercial purposes (books, post cards, calendars, etc.) is not permitted without the express permission of the individual photographer.

Copyrighted images may be freely used for any non-commercial purpose. However, any use of copyrighted images requires notification of the copyright holder, and any commercial use must be disclosed to and conditions of use negotiated with the copyright holder. Use by non-profit organizations in connection with fund-raising or product sales is considered commercial use.

Please contact us if have questions or wish to use images on this website: