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U.S. Forest Service

Color Wildflowers

Color Wildflowers are wildflowers you can color! Each coloring page includes a wildflower and facts about the flower.

Select the wildflower(s) from the pictures below to see a full-size page. Print the wildflower page(s) you would like to color, and enjoy!

(Drawings by: Karl Urban, USDA Forest Service, and Janet Wingate, Denver Botanic Gardens.)

Alpine Forget-me-not
Alpine Sorrel
Alpine Spring Beauty
Alp Lily
annual phlox
arctic gentian
arrowleaved balsamroot
ball head waterleaf
blue-eyed Mary
choke cherry
Colorado columbine
dusky beardtougue
golden banner
heart-leaved arnica
marsh marigold
moss pink
mountain death camus
Mountain dryad
narrow leaved collomia
northern fairy candelabra
Nuttal's larkspur
Old Man of the Mountains
Oregon grape
Parry's primula
Rocky Mountain thistle
sand lily
shooting star
silky phacelia
Simpson's ball cactus
sky pilot
spotted coralroot orchid
sticky geranium
sulfur buckwheat
wax currant
western yarrow
Wood's rose
yellow stonecrop