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U.S. Forest Service

Our Native Irises: Dwarf Woodland Irises

Graphic of an iris on a rainbow circular background.

Their prominent flowers characterize the dwarf woodland irises occurring in the United States. They occur like a ground cover, are short of stature, and are not needing their feet to be wet.

There are four species and two varieties included in this artificial grouping, four of which occur on the national forests: crested iris (Iris cristata), coastal plain dwarf violet iris (Iris verna var. verna), upland dwarf violet iris (Iris verna var. smalliana), dwarf lake iris (Iris lacustris), and Clackamas iris (Iris tenuis).

crested iris, Iris cristata. Crested Iris (Iris cristata)

Dwarf Lake Iris, Iris lacustris. Dwarf Lake Iris (Iris lacustris)

Clackamas Iris, Iris tenuis. Clackamas Iris (Iris tenuis)

Coastal Plain Dwarf Violet Iris, Iris verna var. verna. Coastal Plain Dwarf Violet Iris (Iris verna var. verna)

Louisiana Irises…