Pleopeltis polypodioides Woodsia obtusa Asplenium ruta-muraria Tree ferns (Alsophila bryophila var. cuevas). Kruckberg's Holly Fern (Polystichum kruckebergii) Adiantum capillus-veneris Osmunda regalis

Usually people focus on the showy wildflowers and do not pay attention to the ferns. We will guide you through the wonderful diversity of ferns growing on America’s national forests and grasslands. Ferns are an outstanding part of the native flora. Once you start to look for them among the wildflowers you will discover what some of us have long known: ferns are fascinating and beautiful.

Explore the wonderful world of ferns!

Hanging Fen in the Convict Creek Basin, California.What are Ferns?
How ferns are related to other plants.

Hanging Fen in the Convict Creek Basin, California.Fern Structure
What are the parts of a fern and how are they arranged?

Fen in Upper Sagehen Basin, Tahoe National Forest.Reproduction
How ferns, horsetails, and scouring-rushes reproduce.

Greens Flat Fen, Plumas National Forest.Fern Viewing Areas
Places to see and enjoy living ferns.

Two men collecting information about a fen, Beckwourth Ranger District, Plumas National Forest.Coloring Pages
Kids, learn about ferns as you color them.

hree women collecting plant and soil information in the Saddle Gulch Fen, Shasta-Trinity National Forest.Resources
Books and links to more information about ferns.