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The Slipper Orchids

Cypripedium fasciculatum: Clustered lady's slipper

The Clustered lady's slipper occurs in eight western states from the Pacific Northwest to California, north to Montana and east to Colorado and Wyoming.

the Clustered lady's slipper.Photo by Maria Mantas, Flathead National Forest

Map of the range of Cypripedium fasciculatum in North America.Courtesy of Flora of North America.

Cypripedium fasciculatum is a small plant with two broad, opposing leaves. The flowering stem may bear one to nine flowers that droop. When the flower goes to seed a capsule forms and the stem becomes erect. The sepals are purple-green and the pouch yellow-green streaked with purple. The small flower is pollinated by a tiny wasp.

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Cypripedium fasciculatum in its habitat. Photo by Maria Mantas, Flathead National Forest