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Aquilegia Express: Red Columbines

Aquilegia grahamii, Graham’s columbine

Graham’s columbine is endemic to Uintah County, Utah.

Aquilegia grahamii Aquilegia grahamii has a very narrow distribution, only known from Uintah County, Utah. Note the straight sepals. Photo by Charmaine Delmatier.

Map of the range of Aquilegia grahamii in North America. Range map of Aquilegia grahamii. Courtesy of the USDA PLANTS Database.

Aquilegia grahamii ranges in height 20 to 50 cm. The foliage is green not glaucous and glandular and the leaves are glabrous. The flowers are nodding. The sepals are red, 10 to 15 mm long and spreading. The blades are yellow, 5 to 6 mm long. The spurs are red, 15 to 20 mm long and straight. The stamens extend beyond the blades.

Aquilegia grahamii is found growing in hanging gardens.

Aquilegia grahamii habitat Aquilegia grahamii in its typical habitat, a hanging garden. A hanging garden refers to wildflowers that occur in cracks, crevices or narrow ledges where water is readily available, generally as seeps. Photo by Charmaine Delmatier.

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