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U.S. Forest Service

Threatened, Endangered, and Proposed (TEP) Plant Profile

Trifolium stoloniferum in flower. Trifolium stoloniferum. Photo by Sarena Selbo.

Trifolium stoloniferum habitat. Trifolium stoloniferum habitat. Photo by Sarena Selbo.

Trifolium stoloniferum range map. Trifolium stoloniferum range map.

Trifolium stoloniferum, running buffalo clover

Running buffalo clover occurs in mesic habitats of partial to filtered sunlight, where there is a prolonged pattern of moderate periodic disturbance, such as mowing, trampling, or grazing. It is most often found in regions underlain with calcareous bedrock.

ESA Status

Visit the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Species Profile link below for links to listing and other USFWS documents.


  • Habitat alteration from: natural forest succession, leading to closed canopy
  • Competition by invasive plants,
  • Catastrophic disturbance from development or road construction

Conservation Status

National Forest and Grassland Occurrence

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