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U.S. Forest Service

Threatened, Endangered, and Proposed (TEP) Plant Profile

Silene spaldingii in flower. Silene spaldingii. Photo by C. Menke.

Silene spaldingii habitat. Silene spaldingii habitat. Photo by C. Menke.

Silene spaldingii range map. Silene spaldingii range map.

Silene spaldingii, Spalding’s catchfly

ESA Status

Visit the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Species Profile link below for links to listing and other USFWS documents.


  • Habitat loss due to human development
  • Habitat degradation associated with domestic livestock and wildlife grazing
  • Changes in fire frequency and seasonality
  • Invasions of aggressive nonnative plants
  • Loss of genetic fitness from population fragmentation
  • Herbicide spraying and drift
  • Off-road vehicle use

Conservation Status

National Forest and Grassland Occurrence

More Information