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U.S. Forest Service

Threatened, Endangered, and Proposed (TEP) Plant Profile

Drawing of Sintenis' holly leaves and twigs, two examples, one with male flowers and and another with female flowers. Sintenis' holly (Ilex sintenisii)Little, Elbert L., Frank Wadsworth, Roy Woodbury. 1974. Trees of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, 2nd volume, FS USDA Handbook 449.

Ilex sintenisii range map. Ilex sintenisii range map.

Ilex sintenisii, Sintenis’ holly

ESA Status

Visit the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Species Profile link below for links to listing and other USFWS documents.


  • Forest management practices such as construction of forest public facilities, trail maintenance, and establishment and maintenance of plantations
  • Hurricane damage
  • Destruction of the dwarf forest occurring on the mountain tops of Pico, del Este, for the construction and/or expansion of communication facilities by the U.S. Navy and other, private entities
  • Vandalism and over-collection

Conservation Status

National Forest and Grassland Occurrence

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