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U.S. Forest Service

Critically Imperiled Plant Profile (Not Listed or Proposed under the Endangered Species Act)

Thermopsis macrophylla range map. Thermopsis macrophylla range map.

Thermopsis macrophylla, Santa Inez goldenbanner


  • Continued fire suppression, leading to eventual loss of viability in the seed bank.

Conservation Status

National Forest and Grassland Occurrence

More Information

Thermopsis macrophylla. It is easy to see by the flowers that this plant belongs in the pea family. Photo © Christopher L. Christie.

Thermopsis macrophylla. This species is a fire follower. The seed bank beneath the chaparral may hold more potential populations. Photo © Christopher L. Christie

Thermopsis macrophylla. Thermopsis macrophylla occurs on granitic, sandy soils in disturbed areas in chaparral between 425-1400m. Photo © Christopher L. Christie.