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Critically Imperiled Plant Profile (Not Listed or Proposed under the Endangered Species Act)

Metcalfe's penstemon Metcalfe's penstemon is presently known from only two canyons in the Black Range in southwestern New Mexico. Photo by Tom Todsen, New Mexico Rare Plants.

Metcalfe's penstemon habitat Metcalfe's penstemon grows on cliffs or on steep north-facing slopes in coniferous forest. Photo by Phil Tonne, New Mexico Rare Plants.

Penstemon metcalfei range map. Penstemon metcalfei range map.

Penstemon metcalfei, Metcalfe's beardtongue

  • Other common name(s): Metcalfe's penstemon


  • NatureServe has not assessed threats yet

Conservation Status

National Forest and Grassland Occurrence

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