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Critically Imperiled Plant Profile (Not Listed or Proposed under the Endangered Species Act)

Lewisia congdonii. Notice the dark gland dots along the margin of the fan-shaped sepals. Photo © Chris Winchell.

Lewisia congdonii range map. Lewisia congdonii range map.

Lewisia congdonii, Congdon’s bitterroot


  • Lewisia congdonii is restricted the canyons of the Kings and Merced Rivers in the southern Sierra Nevada.
  • A few of the approximately eight occurrences are threatened by road maintenance, herbicide spraying and overcollecting.

Conservation Status

National Forest and Grassland Occurrence

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Additional Photos

Lewisia congdonii. Petal tips are ragged. Photo © John Game.

Lewisia congdonii. Lewisia congdonii. Photo © Jim Shevock.

Lewisia congdonii. This lewisia has a well-developed basal cluster of flat leaves. Photo © John Game.

Lewisia congdonii habitat. Each stem has many small flowers, held well above the basal leaves. Photo © Dana York.

Lewisia congdonii habitat. Congdon’s lewisia grows in pockets of soil on north-facing rock outcrops in the central Sierra Nevada. Photo © Jennie Haas.

Lewisia congdonii habitat. Lewisia congdonii habitat. Photo © Jim Shevock.