National Tree Climbing Program



Director, Forest Management

Provides overall program policy and safety oversight for the Forest Service Tree Climbing Program.

Thomas A. Peterson
Washington Office

National Tree Climbing Program Manager, Dorena Genetic Resource Center

Coordinates Region, Station, the Area, and the Institute tree climbing training and certification programs and managing day-to-day operations of the Forest Service Tree Climbing Program.

Lisa Winn
(541) 767-5701


Climbing Coordinators are responsible for ensuring their program's compliance with the requirements of the Forest Service tree climbing program policy in this section and the technical guidelines contained in the National Tree Climbing Field Guide (sec. 18.06). more

Advisors & Instructors

A list of advisors and instructors is available on the Forest Service intranet (to Forest Service employees only).

For more information, contact Rae Watson at or (541) 767-5717

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