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November Theme-Resilient Ecosystems

Bald Eagle spreads its wings near a lake

This month’s theme reflects the Forest Service’s commitment to using the best available science and information to understand and improve the ability of forests and grasslands to remain healthy and resilient, despite stresses and disturbances such as drought, wildfire, human uses, invasive species, insects, extreme weather events (e.g. storms), and changing climatic conditions.

Communication messages supporting this month’s theme include stories of our investment work in restoration of national forests and grasslands in order to continue to deliver values, uses, products, and services that people want and need, such as clean air and water; high-quality recreation settings; scenic character; forest products; cultural sites; and habitats for plant, aquatic, and wildlife species (including threatened/endangered). 


Did You Know?

  • We conserve and restore forest and grassland ecosystems that filter and purify the water critical to humans, plants, and animals.
  • We use the best available science to understand natural and cultural resources and the social systems that depend upon them.
  • Forests and grasslands areincreasingly impacted by wildfiresand pest-related diseases that resultfrom changing temperatures andprecipitation.
  • We work with State, regional, tribal, and local partners to maintain healthy, vibrant forests and grasslands and communities.


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