Empower conservation leaders

A group of five forest service employees standing and knealing near a trailhead

July looks towards a bright, hopeful future and the next generation. This month’s theme reflects on the Management Objective C: “Attract and retain top employees.” To appeal to our future cadre of employees, we are working to recruit young people and make them aware of career opportunities within the Forest Service and forestry field of study.

We are working hard to attract and retain other experienced candidates as well. We also match workload commitments with available resources to establish realistic goals and foster work/life balance. We encourage employee innovation and creativity. And we continue our safety journey, instilling an organizational culture in which a safe work environment is vital.

Did You Know?

  • We are committed to creating a workplace environment that attracts and retains top employees while meeting the nation’s present and future needs
  • The deep connection that our employees feel to our mission and conservation ethic motivates us to better serve our nation
  • By joining together people with diverse perspectives, we find new solutions to complex management problems to make better management decisions
  • In fulfilling our mission, we strive to reflect the array of cultures, ideas and perspectives of the American people