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April – Build on “Caring for the Land and Serving People”

Image shows a line of horses, about 12, with 3 people riding 3 of the horses riding towards a distant mountain range.

This month reflects on the Forest Service motto, educates on our origin story and founding leaders, and digs deep into the Forest Service’s rich 113 year history. In April, we can take time to reflect on our past in order to better understand our present and the future of our agency.

Did You Know?

  • Forests and grasslands that are resilient and adaptive are able to withstand and recover from severe stresses such as droughts, floods, wildfires, insects, disease and invasive species invasions
  • Our restoration actions ensure forests and grasslands provide Americans benefits such as clean water and air, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities
  • Our restoration actions foster resilient, adaptive forests and grasslands that continue to be healthy and productive for future generations
  • We work across landscapes, use best available science, and collaborate with partners to maintain, enhance and restore public and private forests and grasslands


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