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An Ax to Grind: A Practical Ax Manual


From the time this manuscript began as a series of audio tapes, An Ax to Grind: A Practical Ax Manual has benefited from a lot of assistance. I would like to thank the following Missoula Technology and Development Center staff and other Forest Service employees for their major contributions.

John Alley (Northern Region) Printing
Bob Beckley Photography
Michelle Beneitone Text processing
Ted J. Cote Design and layout
Gary Hoshide Review
Jim Kautz Photography
Bert Lindler Editing
David Michael (Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest) Review
Brian Vachowski Project Leader, research,writing, editing
Gloria Weisgerber (Northern Region) Review
Mark Wiggins Photography
Jerry Taylor Wolf Research, editing

I would also invite you to look at the companion video program, An Ax to Grind. Parts 1 and 2 of the program are each 30 minutes long. Copies are available from MTDC at the following address:

USDA Forest Service
Missoula Technology and Development Center
5785 Highway 10 West
Missoula, MT 59808

Many of the photographs are of axes from Bernie Weisgerber's personal collection. Many of the illustrations were drawn by Frederic H. Kock for Bernard S. Mason's book, Woodsmanship (1954). The illustrations are used here by permission of Mrs. Frederic H. Kock.