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New Faces

New Faces at MTDC and SDTDC

Photos of Carl Schaefer and Thomas HawkinsPhotos of Samantha Lidstrom and Corrine Olson

Carl Schaefer (Top Left) joined SDTDC in April 2009 as a mechanical engineering technician intern in support of the fire and aviation and forest management programs. He brings a wide variety of experience in mechanical design, layout, drafting, prototype fabrication, and model making. He is proficient with machine tools, mold presses, sheet metal equipment, and sewing machines, and is versed in SolidWorks software for design and development. Schaefer also has conducted structural and environmental tests to verify that products meet or exceed applicable regulatory standards, and has developed and designed respiratory protection products for industrial and firefighting applications.

Thomas Nelson Hawkins (Bottom Left) joined MTDC in May 2009 as a Web development assistant in the Student Temporary Employment Program. He helps maintain the center's Web sites and assists with the National Construction Certification Program. Hawkins was raised in Missoula and is a senior at the University of Montana where he is pursuing a bachelor's degree in business administration. He enjoys skiing in the winter and golfing in the summer. He is also a "professor" of ping pong, instructing other students at the university in the finer points of the game.

Samantha Lidstrom (Top Right) joined MTDC in July 2008 in the Student Temporary Employment Program as a research and publications assistant for engineering. Lidstrom is a Missoula native in her third year as a civil engineering student at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT.

Corrine "Corri" Olson (Bottom Right) joined MTDC in May 2009 as a Web development assistant in the Student Temporary Employment Program. She helps to develop and maintain the center's Web sites. Born and raised in Ashland, MT, she moved to Missoula in the fall of 2006 to attend school. Olson is a senior in the computer science program at the University of Montana.

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