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People in the News

Dave Aicher Hangs Up His Spurs

After more than 36 years of service, Dave Aicher, the former manager of the Missoula Technology and Development Center, has traded in his Forest Service uniform for a fishing pole. On Saturday, February 28, 2009, Dave's colleagues, coworkers, friends, and family got together at the Missoula Children's Theater to celebrate his career and accomplishments. Many thanks to Dave for his years of hard work and dedication to the land and the communities that we serve!

Photo of retired center manager Dave Aicher.

The Wildland Fire Safety Award

Dr. Brian Sharkey has been working to improve the wellness, safety, and performance of wildland firefighters since 1964 when he first began work as a faculty member at the University of Montana. Working with MTDC, Sharkey has used his knowledge of physiology and fitness to develop standards, such as the pack test, which helps measure the physical ability needed to work as a wildland firefighter. Over his 45-year career, Sharkey has helped to develop meals, hydration methods, and adequate rest programs for wildland firefighters. He has studied the health hazards of smoke and the effects of heat stress on firefighters and has worked to develop ergonomic tools that help firefighters get their job done safely and more efficiently.

Photo of Brian Sharkey and Leslie Anderson holding a plaque.

In April 2009, the International Association of Wildland Fire recognized Sharkey's many contributions to the safety and well-being of wildland firefighters with the Wildland Fire Safety Award.

Engineer of the Year Awards

Every year the Forest Service acknowledges the work of engineering employees with the Engineer of the Year Awards. In 2008, the following employees were recognized for their accomplishments: Melissa "Misty" Shafiqullah, managerial engineer of the year; Dick Karsky, technical engineer of the year; Robert S. Ingram, engineering technician of the year; and Ben Gentry, engineering technology applications employee of the year. Their stories can be found on the Forest Service's internal computer network at and on the Internet at (Username: t-d, Password: t-d).

The winners traveled to Washington, DC, in May for the U.S. Department of Agriculture 2008 Forest Service Engineer of the Year awards ceremony.

Four photos of the Engineer of the year award winners.  The photos are of Melissa Shafiqullah, Dick Karsky, Robert S. Ingram, and Ben Gentry.

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