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Three DVDs Help Keep Field Employees Safe

Border Safety—Employees who work along the United States-Mexico border may face drug smuggling activities, high-speed pursuits of illegal immigrants, armed confrontations with dangerous people, and work environments littered with refuse and biological hazards. The DVD "Working Along the United States-Mexico Border" (0823-2D11-MTDC) is a three-module personal safety program that captures the knowledge and skills of Federal and State employees who work in this potentially dangerous work environment. Modules one and two are designed for all employees, while module three is designed specifically for firefighters.

Firefighter Cohesion—In recent years, cohesion among firefighters has become a significant issue in the Forest Service. Studies emphasize the importance of cohesion in maintaining personal safety and avoiding entrapment situations. The DVD "Firefighter Cohesion and Entrapment Avoidance" (0951-2D02-MTDC) is designed to raise firefighters' awareness and to stimulate discussions about cohesion among firefighters.

Recreation Fee Collection—Collecting recreation fees is part of the work of many Forest Service employees. The DVD "Collecting Fees in the Field: Mitigating Dangers" (0823-2D08-MTDC) describes the problems and hazards employees may face when collecting fees and how to deal with them.

DVD covers for the publications, Working Along the United States-Mexico Border, Firefighter Cohesion and Entrapment Avoidance, and Collecting Fees in the Field: Mitigating Dangers.

For additional information on these three DVDs, contact Lisa Outka-Perkins, project leader (phone: 406-329-3849, email:

Getting To Know Your T&D Program

The National Technology and Development Program is always looking for ways to help Forest Service employees perform their jobs more safely, more effectively, and more economically. The DVD "National Technology and Development Program: Solving Problems for the Forest Service" (0971-2D01-MTDC) provides an overview of the critical work the Forest Service's two technology and development centers perform in support of programs such as fire, forest management, GPS, recreation, safety, facilities, engineering, and reforestation and nurseries.

The DVD can be viewed online at (Username: t-d, Password: t-d).

Three slides from the National Technology and Development Program, Solving Problems for the Forest Service DVD.

For additional information on the DVD, contact Sunni Bradshaw, visual information specialist (phone: 406-829-6765, email:

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