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Forest Health Protection

Improved Harness for Backpack Sprayers

Backpack sprayers are used to apply herbicide to noxious weeds in areas that are not easily accessible by vehicle. Backpack sprayers hold more herbicide than hand-held sprayers and they can be pumped to maintain nozzle pressure while the operator walks at a steady pace. An improved harness for backpack sprayers, developed by MTDC for two popular models, addresses past problems: poorly designed straps and uncomfortable back support. Other improvements help prevent backpack sprayers from leaking.

Photo of backpack sprayer prototype.

The tech tip "Harness Makes Backpack Sprayers Easier to Pack and Less Likely to Leak" (0834-2345-MTDC) describes the new harness improvements, such as a well-padded back panel, waist belt, and shoulder harness yoke. Drawings with full-size patterns, as well as information on sprayer maintenance, constant flow regulators, sprayer specifications, calibration references, and vendors, are available from MTDC.

For additional information on the backpack sprayer improvements, contact Gary Kees, project leader (phone: 406-829-6753, email:

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