T&D News 2008 Number 2

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Preserving Forest Service Buildings

In the first half of the 20th century innovative building materials were incorporated into Forest Service buildings. The MTDC series of tech tips on early 20th-century building materials provides practical information that can help people recognize and work with these materials. Each of the four tech tips describes the history, manufacture, and physical characteristics of a particular groupThis image is made up of the covers of four different Tech Tips. Each tip is related to different early 20th-century building materials. Each cover has a small picture of an early 20th-century building. of materials and addresses problems commonly encountered with them. Two of the tech tips are recent additions to the series. The tech tip "Early 20th-Century Building Materials: Resilient Flooring" (0773–2322–MTDC) explains how to maintain, repair, and replace cork, felt-base, linoleum, rubber, and vinyl flooring. The tech tip "Early 20th-Century Building Materials: Siding and Roofing" (0873–2308–MTDC) explains how to maintain, repair, and replace asphalt roofing, asbestos-cement siding and roofing, and metal siding.

For additional information, contact Kathleen Snodgrass, project leader (phone: 406-329-3922; e-mail: ksnodgrass@fs.fed.us).

Photo of a historic Forest Service building.

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