T&D News 2008 Number 2

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Clean, Cool Water on the Fireline

During hard work on the fireline, firefighters can lose up to a liter of sweat an hour. If they don't replace those fluids, they won't be able to think clearly or work as hard. The tech tip "Hydration This is an image of a wildland firefighter leaning against a shovel and drinking from a water bottle. The firefighter is standing on the edge of a section of grass which is scorched and smoking.Strategies for Firefighters" (0851–2324–MTDC) looks at some of the benefits and drawbacks of standard water bottles and the newer sipping systems.

For more information about hydration strategies, contact project leaders Joe Domitrovich (phone: 406-829-6809; e-mail: jdomitrovich@fs.fed.us) or Brian Sharkey (phone: 406–329–3989; e-mail: bsharkey@fs.fed.us).

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