T&D News 2008 Number 2

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Fire-Safe Alternatives to Wood Shingles on Historic Structures

Untreated wood roofs made of cedar shakes and shingles have a traditional, beautiful, and rustic look, but they are no longer appropriate in areas that experience wildland fires. Replacing these roofs with materials appropriate for historic structures is challenging for Forest Service engineers and heritage and facilities employees.

"Alternative Roofing Materials: A Guide for Historic Structures" (0723–1812P–SDTDC) identifies products that are cost effective, easy to install, and acceptable to your State Historic Preservation Office. The report includes a table that compares the cost, fire resistance, weight, and other qualities of various roofing materials.

For more information, contact Martha Willbee, recreation planner (phone: 909-599-1267, ext. 231; e-mail: mwillbee@fs.fed.us).

This image contains two images. The first image is of a large historic log building with a green tin roof. The second image is the cover of a report titled "Alternative Roofing Materials: A Guide for Historic Structures".

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