T&D News 2008 Number 2

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New Equipment Makes Weed Spraying More Precise

ATVs and UTVs are widely used for spraying herbicides on range and forest lands. Applying herbicide at a constant rate reduces the use of herbicides and the applicator's exposure to herbicides. But when ATVs speed up and slow down while spraying in rough terrain, uniform application is a difficult task. The report "Field Evaluation of a Constant- Rate Herbicide Sprayer for ATVs and UTVs" (0824–2802–MTDC) describes a spray system that was configured by MTDC to apply liquid herbicides evenly while an ATV is traveling between 2 ½ and 4 ½ miles per hour. The report also includes information about spray droplet size and coverage during tests of boom and boomless spray nozzles, along with recommendations for calibrating sprayers. The spray system costs about $2,225.

The tech tip "Herbicide Shield for Spraying Irrigation Pipelines" (0824–2343–MTDC) describes a shield that MTDC designed to keep herbicide spray aimed at the weeds and unwanted vegetation around irrigation pipes and keep overspray and drift away from nursery seedlings. The tech tip includes information on a three-point hitch pipeline sprayer that uses a small 12-volt diaphragm pump to feed two spray nozzles. Drawing MTDC–1066 provides details of the shield and a material and vendor list.

For additional information on the constant-rate herbicide sprayer, the spray shield, or the drawing, contact Gary Kees, project leader (phone: 406-829-6753; e-mail: gkees@fs.fed.us).

This image contains two images. The first shows an ATV with a herbicide sprayer attached to the back driving across flat land with covered in short grass. The sprayer is perpindicular to the ATV and is about 5 feet wide. The second image shows a small front end loader driving on either side of a row of foot high crops. The front end loader has a large herbicide tank attached to the back and is spraying it on a row of weeds.

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