T&D News 2008 Number 2

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Updated Trail Bridge Information on the Web

For 8 years, land managers and engineers have relied on the trail bridge catalog Web site. Recent improvements to the "Trail Bridge Catalog" (0823–2W01–MTDC) include example trail bridge drawings (intended for information only) suited for different Forest Service Recreational Opportunity Spectrum classifications and additional information on planning, siting, designing, constructing, inspecting, and maintaining trail bridges. These updates should make it easier to plan, site, select, build, and maintain trail bridges while balancing esthetics and function. The Web-based catalog is available at http://www.fs.fed.us/eng/bridges.

For more information about the trail bridge catalog updates, contact Scott Groenier, project leader (phone: 406-329-4719; e-mail: jgroenier@fs.fed.us).

Image of three screenshots from the Trail Bridge Catalog.  The first is the index page to the site.  The second is a drawing of a bridge.  The third is of packstock crossing a bridge.

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