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Watershed, Soil, and Air

Sharing Strategies for Designing Low-Water Stream Crossings

Image of the cover of the Low-Water Crossings: Geomorphic, Biological, and Engineering Design Considerations publication.The multidisciplinary guide "Low-Water Crossings: Geomorphic, Biological, and Engineering Design Considerations" (0625–1808P–SDTDC) focuses on selecting and designing structures that interrupt channel processes and the movement of aquatic species as little as possible. The guide includes basic engineering design requirements to best fit the structure to the site for long-term sustainability. The 350+ page guide is available on the Forest Service's internal network and the Internet. Because learning from the experiences of others can be so valuable, the guide includes 21 case studies.

The guide can be downloaded at

A limited number of hard copies are available.Single copies can be ordered by e-mailing or by sending an e-mail request to

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